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A Qatar Royal Family 747-8 Is For Sale!
August 20, 2018

The royal family of Qatar has quite a fleet of planes, known as the Qatar Amiri fleet. Altogether they have over a dozen planes, including two Boeing 747-8s in a business jet configuration. You’ll often see these parked at major global airports (especially those in cities with good shopping), including LAX and LHR.

Qatar seeks role in negotiations between Israel and Hamas
August 20, 2018

Qatar has been seeking to play a relevant role in Israel’s Gaza policy amid the crisis with Hamas that has unfolded over the last six months. But those efforts have been frustrated as Qatar is isolated by Washington’s drive for a “deal of the century” and Doha’s own disputes with its Gulf neighbors. Recent cease-fire discussions, however, may now bring Qatar back into the group"...

Turkey, Qatar central banks ink currency swap agreement
August 20, 2018

Qatar and Turkey's central banks have entered a currency swap agreement aimed at providing liquidity and support for financial stability.

Qatar's central bank made the announcement on Sunday, several days after Doha promised to give Turkey $15 billion in support.


August 20, 2018

The Qatar Social and Cultural Center for Blind, an affiliate of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, has concluded its summer programme which was held over a six-week period.

The closing ceremony of the programme was held on the theatre of the Traffic Department in Doha.

The ceremony included a presentation highlighting the activities carried during the programme in addition"...

August 20, 2018

Arab-bred local sacrificial animals are best in quality and competing with the imported ones and in great demand. “Local sacrificial animals are available at the outlets of Widam Food Company and at the livestock market at Al Mazrouha Yard, Umm Salal,” said Farhud Al Hajari, Director of Livestock Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

Al Hajari was speaking in a talk show of Al Rayyan TV recently on the preparation of"...