Ooredoo set to demonstrate potential of its cutting-edge digital delivery

October 12, 2020

Doha: Ooredoo launched yesterday a video and social media awareness campaign, grounded in the message that Ooredoo 5G will help Qatar lead the world in technological advancement.

Ooredoo aims to demonstrate to businesses how 5G is transforming lives for the better. Customers will be invited to imagine the potential of 5G to change working life and leisure time immeasurably, due to Ooredoo publicising a range of use cases that illustrate Qatar’s advanced digital opportunities. Current 5G technologies already allow businesses and enterprises to operate at much faster speeds, permitting customers to encounter new and innovative experiences, including interactive displays and virtual technologies.

Throughout October Ooredoo will publicise a large number of 5G use cases in B2B 5G. From medicine to logistics to the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), 5G is already transforming business and individual enterprises throughout Qatar. To date, Ooredoo’s 5G provides low latency and high throughput, improving operations and assisting the IoT industry in scaling up much faster. Within Qatar, 5G creates new opportunities to keep operations moving, from using remotely operated machines to autonomous vehicles.

Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo, Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani, said: “From remote medicine to smart logistics to the industrial Internet of Things, 5G will transform businesses and individual enterprises nationwide. October’s video-led social media campaign will highlight this movement of business towards non-stop productivity. Our showcased 5G use cases will invite users to dare to dream; imagine a ship informing the port automatically to initiate docking, or a medic in the USA performing remote control surgery in Qatar. The potential is, quite literally, endless.”




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