A year after its launch in Qatar, MG RX 8 stands out from the crowd

October 18, 2020

When I first test drove the MG RX8 SUV soon after its launch in Qatar by Auto Class Cars last year, I was gutted to hand back the keys after a day-long drive on and off Qatari roads.
At that time I was quite sure that MG’s first-ever entry into the large SUV segment, the 7-seat MG RX 8, will stand out from the crowd. Given the huge response, the car has got from SUV lovers in Qatar in the last one year, I am glad to see that my prediction has come true.
I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to test drive the car again and adding to me joy this time was to see that the luxury version of the car ‘The MG RX8 LUX 2020’ was at my disposal for almost two days.
Taller, more extended, and broader than some of its Japanese competitors, the MG RX 8 Lux offers a premium interior that benefits from the most significant third-row space in the segment and six different driving modes to provide a genuinely professional off-road capability.
The car’s good look, comfort level, and refined luxury make it one of the best bargains given its price below QR100,000 in Qatar. The car comes with some surprising features for its price point.
Riding on 20 inch (LUX Trim) dual-tone alloy wheels, the new MG RX8 strikes a commanding presence on the road and, with sleek chrome exhausts, standard features such as the LED headlamps, LED DRL and hammer-style LED taillights, and a wide and flexible rear opening, this is a model that looks stylish from any angle.
One can choose from several exterior finishes – Universal White, Pearl White, Blue, Grey, Brown, and Black.
When you sit in the cabin you’ll appreciate that the car carries the MG legacy as the interior is swanky. Everything is a soft touch and the cabin feels very modern with its state-of-the-art air vents and 10-inch touch screen.
Unlike other cars or even the more expensive ones they don’t feature such a massive screen. Not only is the screen very responsive but the colours are vivid and bright ensuring good daytime visibility.
The MG RX8 has an ingenious theater-style cockpit design that creates a gradient in the front and the rear seating arrangement. Even the third row of passengers can get an unparalleled view. As you might expect from a seven-seat SUV, the interior is crafted for the utmost in space and comfort.
The premium quality of the cabin ensures that you and other passengers can all sit back and relax out on the road sinking into the premium leather upholstery crafted and finished to give you the feel of soft and delicate leather and making the most of the ample head and legroom.
For those accessing the third-row, they are assured to enjoy space with a seating room of 1,155mm making it a leader in its class.
The intelligent 37 storage compartments help keep the interior free of clutter, while the modular seating arrangements can be tailored to your precise requirements.
With the second and third-row seats folded, you can even benefit from luggage space of 2,178 litres. Adding to the cabin room, MG RX8 provides the best of airflow for the passengers with its Dual Zone Climate Control air conditioner tested for the region along with a separate rear air conditioner with climate control for those resting in the rear seats.
This car features eight air vents in total, keeping not only the passengers nice and cool in the hot summer months but also the whole cabin. The AC is divided into two zones — front and rear — and can be controlled individually for the passengers’ comfort.
Usually, a return trip across the country in a day wouldn’t be something I’d look forward to but the MG RX8 SUV is a dream to drive over long distances. The wonderfully comfortable seats as well as a very comfortable driving position made the drive simply pleasurable.
The comfort was aided by the excellent onboard tech making my trip almost effortless.
The cabin is very well insulated from wind, road, and engine noise which all adds to the relaxing feel of the car.
The car features a striking design with a lot of ground clearance to tackle any off-road tasks.
If there’s one thing the MG RX8 does better than other cars in its segment, it’s the features and this car has loads of them.
An array of premium materials including wood grain and soft-touch trim gives the RX8 a high-class feel. And, modern features such as an in-car entertainment system, ventilated seats and wireless mobile device charging capabilities make the RX8 the perfect partner for an active family.
The car features six speakers around the cabin with a very punchy bass and sound.
The car features a wall socket of up to 150 watts output meaning you can charge your laptop. This car also features an air purifier that keeps the air inside the cabin dust free.
The MG RX8 is built on body-on-frame chassis (Truck Chassis) with a high ground clearance of 202 mm and a wading depth of 800 mm, offering a good off-road capability experience and provides greater flexibility across the vehicle.
With the Net Blue Technology 2.0-litre turbo engine delivering a torque of 360Nm, you can be confident that you have the power available to overcome any challenge life throws at you. The performance of the vehicle adapts to offer the most rewarding
The car featur es six driving modes like Auto, Offroad, Snow, Sport, 4L, and 2H.
In auto mode, the car automatically detects the terrain and adjusts the car behaviour accordingly. It is recommended that one should keep the car in auto mode and let it do its thing as this mode will take care of most things.
The car felt smooth and luxurious even over potholes and bumps as I encountered some of them while passing through roads undergoing repair works.
The car has a high seating position ensuring clear visibility around you. Pair that with a balanced steering wheel featuring quite tight turning circles and you have an SUV that you can drive easily.
Overall, this car satisfies the needs of large families specifically. Given the price range, I believe this is the best car in its class.




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