Hairaat ties up with Al Darwish Jewellery to open outlet in Doha

June 30, 2021

Qatari jewellery brand Hairaat Jewellery, which has emerged as one of the prominent jewellery brands in the country under the helm of award-winning designer Nada bint Khamis Al Sulaiti, has partnered with Al Darwish Jewellery to open its second outlet in Qatar.
Rooted in an aesthetic that embodies the diverse beauty of Qatar and the Arabian peninsula, Hairaat Jewellery is a luxury house defined by extraordinarily crafted pieces balanced by contemporary flair, that blend seamlessly into the collections of discerning global connoisseurs.
Established in 2011, Hairaat has generated a novel, creative take on luxury into the world of fine jewellery.
Inspired by Qatar’s remarkable cultural icons and architectural elements with the highest of standards in fine jewellery design, Nada’s handcrafted unique pieces radiate a hypnotic heritage, and striking modernity, all
at once.
Under Nada’s art of adornment, the Hairaat brand is built upon the pillars of luxury, comfort, craftsmanship, and storytelling, and each Hairaat creation forms part of the nuanced yet enchanting language of jewellery.
“Our goal when designing is to continue the tradition of jewellery design in our region and share it with the world. In creating pieces with uniquely strong personal statements, we believe that whoever owns a piece of Hairaat will feel the story behind the treasure, and sense a connection with it,” Nada said.
“We at Hairaat want to evoke the charms of the Gulf and create pieces with timeless appeal. Steeped in tradition but not bound by it, Hairaat anchors the past, present and future,” the young Qatari designer said.
Talking about her association with Al Darwish Jewellery, Nada said, “We have an outlet to showcase Hairaat brand of jewellery at The Gate Mall. Then we also sell our products online. Given the popularity of our jewellery in Qatar, we felt the need for more outlets in the country. Initially, I joined the Al Darwish Jewellery Showroom as an exhibitor for a week. We received a very good response, and now we are planning to stay here on a permanent basis. We are sure that our products will get more visibility under the umbrella of Al Darwish Jewellery.”
“Our latest addition to Al Jassasiya collection is the Airpod Ring. Crafted in either white or yellow gold, it adorns your airpod so you stay connected in style. And to stay true to the spirit of the collection you can stack them for a statement look,” an official of Hairaat said.
Al Jassasiya, which is Hairaat’s signature collection, pays homage to Qatar’s rich history and the Jassasiya collection is inspired by the handwork and organic shapes from the site of the country’s mystical Al Jassasiya rock cravings.
The Stackable Rings echo the organic-shape carvings discovered at Al Jassasiya Rock Carving Site on the northeast coast of Qatar.
The rings set in white, champagne diamonds ads other gemstones crafted either from rose, pink sapphire, emerald or rub. These versatile rings can be combined individually to the wearer’s taste, and worn at different lengths of the finger.
Al Awsaj, another prime collection from Hairaat, is inspired by the hidden beauty of the Awsaj tree nestled in the Qatari environment that blooms very tiny flowers that can barely be seen.
This collection is distinguished by its simplicity transpired from the spirit of this tree. White, yellow or rose Gold pieces for everyday wear.
This collection represents the core of Hairaat, a metaphor designed to reflect the boutique’s French-inspired interior and its framed walls.
Hairaat’s Howait collection is inspired by Qatar’s deep connection with the sea. The extraordinary pieces from the Howait Collection are crafted using high precision, and a technique that protects the shell while bejeweling.




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