Barwa Real Estate Group's projects in Mesaieed keep pace with its growth

July 4, 2021

Since its establishment, one of the main strategies of Barwa Real Estate Group has been to support the country's plans for national growth through expansion outside the city of Doha, and the reconstruction of various parts of Qatar in order to build communities and achieve sustainable development.
In view of the great development witnessed by the city of Mesaieed in the field of fertilizer, petrochemical, iron and steel production, where many major companies in the energy sector, such as Qatar Petroleum and Industries Qatar, were associated with it, which led to significant growth in all aspects of this city. Barwa was keen to develop various development projects in the city of Mesaieed, including residential, commercial and mixed-use, as these projects contributed to enhancing the social sustainability of the city of Mesaieed, the industrial gateway to Qatar in the south.

Mesaieed Villages
In terms of residential real estate projects, Barwa Real Estate Group has developed 'Mesaieed Villages', which consists of six residential villages that serve the category of employees in Mesaieed and provide a suitable and upscale residential environment for them, characterized by special standards that meet their aspirations, while maintaining a level that is consistent with the integrative vision of real estate projects in the country. .
Mesaieed villages were established in six phases. Currently, 4 residential villages are being operated, each providing 275 housing units for senior employees, 442 housing units for junior employees and 1,733 housing units for the working class.
Each village offers integrated services and various recreational facilities, including dining halls, a supermarket, a playground, gyms and a mosque. Together, they constitute a competitive element in line with Barwa's business plans that seek to provide residential environments with distinguished standards and meet the needs of its residents.

Dunes Mall
In terms of the commercial component, Barwa worked on developing Dunes Mall, which is strategically located in the heart of Mesaieed City, near the Grand Mosque, and, through its modern design and integrated services, contributed to establishing its position as a leading shopping center in one of the most growing cities in Qatar.
The mall offers 190 shops and 19 offices, a number of which include various bank branches, in addition to a hypermarket, ample parking, and other services.

Mesaieed Market
Due to the population growth that accompanied this vibrant city, Barwa continued its efforts to enrich Mesaieed with a mixed-use real estate project. It developed the Mesaieed market in the heart of the industrial city, with all its buildings overlooking the main street, making it a distinctive landmark for the area, and providing all what shoppers need in a one place.
Mesaieed Market offers 3 buildings consisting of a ground floor, a mezzanine and 3 floors that contain several vital elements that include 108 shops, 70 offices and 138 apartments, in addition to providing integrated service facilities, car parking, and many different services.
Strategic goals that meet the aspirations of shareholders
In addition to the goals achieved by these projects in their distinction and integration to keep pace with the community development in the city of Mesaieed, they have also contributed to strengthening the assets of Barwa real estate portfolio to meet the aspirations of shareholders. Waseef, a leading real estate, facilities and asset management company and a subsidiary of Barwa Real Estate Group, markets and manages these projects. The occupancy rate in the Mesaieed villages is more than 65%. The occupancy rate of the Dunes Mall was about 80%. In Mesaieed market, it reached 93% for apartments, 60% for shops, and 23% for offices.
Barwa Real Estate Group will continue its efforts to provide the real estate market with distinct and integrated projects that cover all regions of the country, support urban and community growth and enable the Group to continue its growth journey. Today, Barwa holds 7.7 million square meters of land stock, in addition to 3.6 million square meters of operating construction space, and a balanced mix of diversified operating assets comprising 8,129 residential units, 335,981 square meters of commercial and retail units and 445,779 square meters of workshops and warehouses.


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