Indian envoy visits Al Darwish Jewellery Showroom

July 14, 2021

Indian Ambassador to Qatar HE Deepak Mittal on Tuesday visited the recently opened Al Darwish Jewellery Showroom in Doha.
One of Qatar’s most trusted jewellery brand, Al Darwish Jewellery recently opened a first-of-its-kind jewellery showroom located in Msheireb area that houses over 10 jewellery brands from India, Qatar, Turkey and Europe with a vast variety of Islamic artistic pieces of jewellery and catering to other global taste.
With trade partners all over the globe, Al Darwish Jewellery holds a strong reputation of providing luxurious, high-quality jewels, precious stones and ornaments made with the utmost skill and craftsmanship.
Abdallah Jassim Al Darwish, the owner of the showroom, received the Indian envoy on the occasion and briefed him about the various brands that have set up shops at the showroom.
The Indian envoy took keen interest and was highly impressed by the gems and jewellery pieces showcased at outlets of all international brands at the showroom.
Talking to Qatar Tribune on the occasion, the Indian envoy said, “It’s a very happy and pleasant moment to visit Al Darwish Jewellery Showroom that has opened recently in Doha. It is really very pleasant to see so many Indian and other international brands showcasing their gems and jewellery at this showroom. Many of the Indian brands here have opened their branch for the first time outside India and they chose Qatar for their expansion abroad. Gems and jewellery have been a very traditional area of work in India. Currently, India is the second-largest exporter of gems and jewellery worldwide.”
Highlighting the historic relationship between India and Qatar in the gems and jewellery sector, Mittal said, “India and Qatar do enjoy a very historical relationship when we talk about pearl trade. The gems and jewellery trade between India and Qatar has persisted for decades. I see a very genuine attempt by Al Darwish Jewellery to bring forward and bring to light the traditional relationship between the two countries with a modern face. I really compliment the Al Darwish family for taking this initiative, for bringing such innovative thoughts to provide a base to many Indian jewellery brands to explore the market in Qatar and the region. Such initiatives will certainly give a boost to trade and investment in this particular sector both in Qatar and India.”
“I am sure that this initiative will encourage other jewellery brands in India as well to explore the Qatari market. India is an important exporter of gems and jewellery to West Asia and the North Africa region. However, I see a big potential for India to increase its exports of gems and jewellery to Qatar. If we look at the figures, the value of India’s exports of gems and jewellery to Qatar is just about $100 million per annum. If we calculate the percentage of exports to Qatar, it comes around just 1 percent of the total exports of gems and jewellery from India to West Asia and North Africa region. So certainly there is a huge scope for India, given the fact that Qatar is a huge market for gems and jewellery in the region. There is also a lot of scope between the two countries to collaborate and boost trade and investment in this important sector,” Mittal said.
“Al Darwish jewellery has already taken a huge initiative to provide Indian brands with a big platform. Many Indian brands are aware of it and I am sure it will encourage many of them to come to Qatar. We hope that once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, we will have many gems and jewellery exhibitions in Qatar that will further open the Qatari market to Indian brands,” the Indian envoy said.
In an interview with Qatar Tribune earlier, Abdallah said, “We got this idea of having famous jewellery brands from across the world under one roof from our participation in jewellery exhibitions in Qatar. Having different brands under one roof makes it easier for people to shop. The idea behind opening this showroom is to give variety and a bigger selection to our clients in Qatar. They can find whatever they are looking for without the need to travel abroad.”




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