Huawei regional chief vows to support Qatar digital transformation journey

May 19, 2022

Liam Zhao, CEO Huawei Gulf North region, has said that it was an honour to be awarded with certificate of compliance under Qatar common criteria scheme.
Talking with Qatar Tribune on the sidelines of Conference ‘Cyber Space in the State of Qatar - Compliance and Assurance ‘ organised by National Cyber Security Authority, he said Common Criteria (CC) scheme is an international framework and this certification underscores our commitment to cybersecurity and our product reaching world-leading level and providing trusted security assurance.
Huwaei regional chief said security is an integral part of Huawei’s digital platform, providing resilient end-to-end network security capabilities that ensure the security of customer data and applications.
Cybersecurity being a shared responsibility, therefore, over the past decade, Huawei has communicated proactively with customers, industries and regulators in Qatar to meet their security requirements and share
our cybersecurity
“We have incorporated cybersecurity requirements into all our day-to-day business process and we will continuously work in Qatar to leverage secure cutting edge technologies with clients and partners to support Qatar digital transformation journey,” he said.




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