Commercial Bank hosts first webinar in 2022

June 24, 2022

Doha: Commercial Bank, the leading digital bank in Qatar, held a virtual webinar on Monday, which addressed the importance of communication in “Times of Uncertainty- Challenges or Opportunities?” specifically in brand communications.

Hussain Ali Al Abdulla, Executive General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of CB Premium Banking at Commercial Bank along with Dr. Boumediene Ramdani, Associate Professor of Innovation at the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Qatar University and Julian Treasure Founder and President of Julian Treasure, discussed the importance of communication in “Times of Uncertainty” in light of what people have been through during the past two years specifically in brand communications. The speakers were able to answer the most frequently asked questions surrounding communication in a challenging environment and gave an insight of how to turn challenges into opportunities. The webinar was moderated by Eman Ismail, Marketing Officer at Commercial Bank.

Hussein Al Abdullah gave an overview of the history of communication, how has it changed in the last 20 years and the reason behind those changes. He shed the light on how the technology changed communication forever and shared some valuable information regarding the future of communication and what lays ahead.

Hussein also discussed Commercial Bank’s successful journey in communication even in hard times highlighting the Bank’s immediate response to COVID-19 and its resilient ability to adapt to changing market conditions and the communication methods that has been adopted.

On the other hand, Dr. Boumediene Ramdani discussed the difficulties of communicating a brand in times of uncertainty, and the approach which should be adopted to reach the target clients. He provided his foresights on the proper and successful methods to communicate the brand during and post pandemic along with the six marketing strategies that businesses need to act upon to successfully communicate a brand. He provided an insightful overview of the techniques, approaches and methods that can be deployed to make the company much more resilient.

Julien Treasure provided an insightful overview regarding the importance of listening and why it is the most important and yet the most ignored skill in the fast-changing world. He also explained the difference between hearing and listening and the four powerful effects of sound. He gave a detailed explanation of why individuals and organizations don’t listen, what that means and why it matters. The webinar concluded with a Q&A session, where our attendees shared their question with our panelists who were keen to share their expertise and knowledge of communication with all the attendees.

This is one of a series of upcoming webinars that reflect Commercial Bank’s commitment to give back to the community, as the Bank will not only bring services and products to its customers but seeks to provide them with means to access knowledge and expertise that helps them to succeed in their businesses. The webinars that will tackle different vital topics essential to the success and safety of the customer’s business.

In case you have missed attending the webinar, please scan the QR Code to watch the full recording.




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