QIIB first Islamic bank in Qatar to launch card for domestic workers

September 28, 2020

QIIB on Sunday announced that it has become the first Islamic bank in Qatar to launch a card for domestic workers.
The card provides flexible and easy solutions for both workers and employers and complies with the standards required and set by various government agencies.
The card allows the holder to obtain extensive benefits and services. The employer can transfer the salary of the domestic worker directly to the card via QIIB mobile banking application or Internet banking swiftly and smoothly and can carry out a transaction in real-time in order to complete it through the bank’s digital platforms.
The card is also a secure and certified record of all monthly salary payments for domestic workers and can be used in all ATMs and points of sale (POS) across Qatar. The cardholder can also use it to pay for utility bills, make online purchases and transfer money to their home country with the greatest of ease.
The card, which is designated for domestic workers whose salaries are less than QR5,000, is considered an ideal solution that QIIB wanted to provide to its customers in order to keep pace with the latest banking solutions and improve its services in a way that saves time and effort and promotes e-payment solutions for the largest possible group of customers.
“QIIB continues to provide the most suitable solutions for customers that are in line with recent banking developments and focus on remote payment solutions and e-solutions that are easy, secure and fast,” said QIIB Chief of Business Development and Alternative Channels Omar Abdulaziz Al Meer on the occasion of the launch of the new card.
“We call on our customers in all categories to take advantage of our advanced payment solutions. This is because we invest in these cutting-edge solutions to enhance our customers’ banking experience, and keep with the best international standards in different banking fields,” he noted.
QIIB has taken note of the positive changes in customer behaviour in terms of payment solutions through bank cards, online, mobile applications and other innovative solutions that the bank may offer.
This is reflected positively on the clients’ themselves, and also in increasing the operational efficiency of the bank, especially in front offices.
E-solutions have made them focus on providing better quality services to customers, Meer stated.
“QIIB will spare no effort to provide integrated banking solutions to its various customers’ groups in a way that contributes to promoting their business and enriching the banking environment in which the bank operates. And in a manner that enhances competition and responds to its conditions in an optimal manner,” Meer said.


islamic finance

islamic finance

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