Ooredoo’s Fleet Management helps Qatar Building Company save time, money

November 29, 2020

The Qatar Building Company has succeeded in transforming its vehicle operations with the rollout of 1,000 IOT-enabled vehicles powered by the Ooredoo Fleet Management solution.
Founded in 1971, the Qatar Building Company is one of Qatar’s longest-standing and most innovative construction companies. As its projects grew, the company faced challenges in keeping track of its fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles, leading to delays and additional expenditures.
To address the issues, the Qatar Building Company rolled out the Ooredoo Fleet Management solution over the past year.
Ooredoo’s Fleet Management service is one of Qatar’s leading examples of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses. It leverages sensors on vehicles, which transmit data on Ooredoo’s secure and highly-available network through the Ooredoo IoT Connect platform, then analysed by software for real-time decision-making in daily business operations.
With Ooredoo Fleet Management Qatar Building Company can automatically re-routes drivers when needed to avoid delays, has real-time visibility of vehicle resources and can increase safety by avoiding situations such as sharp turns or speeding.
The company is saving costs both on diesel and on maintenance, Ooredoo said, adding that the company can now manage the fleet operations far more efficiently.
Ooredoo Chief Business Officer Sheikh Nasser Al Thani said, “Qatar Building Company is an industry leader that is showing how using the Internet of Things can drive innovation and save time and money. Our Ooredoo Fleet Management solution is ideal for a wide range of industries that need to keep track of vehicles – from construction to transportation, education, and government services.”
Based on the success of the initial deployment, Qatar Building Company plans in the next phase to extend the Ooredoo Fleet Management solution to more vehicles in its construction fleet. As part of the deployment, Ooredoo is providing the optimal level of convenience with the full installation of the solution.
Ooredoo Fleet Management is an end-to-end Internet of Things solution that includes hardware, software, and mobile connectivity, along with 24/7 support.
Bader Mostafawi, Group Commercial Manager, Qatar Building Company, said, “Since Qatar Building Company rolled out the Ooredoo Fleet Management solution, we can now easily manage our fleet, increase our productivity, and meet government and international standards. Ooredoo Fleet Management is great – it’s perfect for all businesses looking to control and reduce costs, increase efficiency, and boost our customers’ happiness.”




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