QIIG launches individual health insurance product

February 23, 2021

Doha: There was always an urgent need for health insurance for individuals which was not available in the Qatari market until the Qatar Islamic Insurance Group (QIIG) announced its launch of individual health insurance product.

In the press conference held on-line from its Head Office, QIIG announced that it had worked a lot to provide individual health insurance products in line with the increased demand from its customers and dealers in the Islamic Takaful insurance.

This increased demand has been boosted by what has happened recently by the necessity of obligating all the expatriates, especially those over the age of 60 to renew their residence in the State to obtain a health insurance policy that enables them to obtain health insurance coverage, stated Ali Ibrahim Alabdulghani (pictured), the Group President.

Responding to question about the nature of these coverage and programs, Karim Salih, Executive Manager Takaful & Health in QIIG, stated that these products cover treatments, surgeries, doctor visits, medicines, x-rays and medical tests excluding chronic diseases or diseases happened before the commencement of insurance or within the general exclusions of the insurance contract.

Emphasizing that this coverage is in the interest of the individual and community, as it provides health insurance coverage for this age group and also can be enjoyed by other different ages, in addition to that this is considered as an extension for social participation from the private sector in bearing part of the burden borne by the State and reducing the burden of congestion in the governmental hospitals and clinics, emphasizing that they have different products and programs that are compatible with all functional levels, such as Platinum, Silver and Bronze, in addition to stressing that an insurance policy can be issued in accordance with the limits and benefits requested by its customers, because the insurance contribution (Premium) is determined according to the limits of the coverage and benefits required by each client.

The conference was concluded by inviting everyone to visit QIIG’s Head Office to enjoy obtaining those products that comply with the principles of the Islamic Sharia’ and the applying of the principles of the Islamic solidarity in the insurance industry.


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