‘Qatar's excellent infrastructure, facilities ideal for investments’

December 15, 2022

Investments in Qatar witness a huge demand in the real estate industry with a resilient economy that overshadows securities and equity risk. As the Gulf State continues to be one of the safest regions in the world to invest, expats, residents, and tourists postulate that it is certainly an archetypal investment strategy due to the long-term options.

Speaking to The Peninsula, Brian, a worldwide investor who hails from Canada said investing in Qatar is ideal as the facilities and status provided in the country are opportune that come with excellent infrastructures in the long run. He said, “I think Qatar is on the long-term growth and so a lot of infrastructures being built is steered towards more expats and families who are going to be moving in and there’s going to be a lot of businesses coming.”

Qatar’s major cities including Lusail have incorporated some of the exceptional infrastructures in the co untry luring more investors like Brain who invested in several apartment projects.

The total investment trade for Brian amounted upto QR1.2m as he believes the Arab State is one of the best investing hubs to move money safely with soaring business projects. Brian said: “The dedication of the Government and business community drives growth into the economy for all citizens and expats living here.”

As investments burgeons on a day-to-day basis, investors are hopeful that renowned organisations will look into the Middle Eastern destination eventuating economic growth. “I think Qatar is on track to be probably the most profitable and inviting atmosphere for businesses and expats who moves here and Qatar’s economy is going to attract a lot of big names in the industry like Google and Microsoft,” he said.

“This presents Qatar as a strategic location hub and hopefully the Government will continue its support for the growth strategy,” he added.

The country continues to be the strongest and safest market to invest in comparatively as investors are hopeful for a stable platform. Talking to The Peninsula, Sacha Regenbogen, a German citizen said: “I think it is a good market to invest in and it’s quite flexible at the moment. It is also a safe country with a lot of opportunities, especially for the real estate sector in the future.”

The majority of investors were impressed with the excellent facilities they are provided here once they claim the properties and that has enticed more foreign investments in Qatar.

Regenbogen said that “I think its quite stable with the government and it is also a clean country. We have very good infrastructures all over.”

As several individuals are awaiting to purchase properties post-World Cup due to the variation in prices, Regenbogen invested during the mega sporting event as he feels it is always the right time for long-term investments. Owning an apartment at The Pearl and planning to invest three more at the Lusail Marina, he says “I bought it during the World Cup. Many people are waiting to buy after the tournament gets over because the price might go down but in the long term, it’s always ideal to invest now.”

“Every tourist coming to Qatar is a potential buyer of real estate and they will be interested to invest more,” he added.

Being a completely tax-free country for investors, Kaniz, Bangladesh told The Peninsula, “I think its quite sustainable because there are no taxes and so it is upfront. So whatever you pay, you get the same and that makes it comfortable to invest.”

Owning two-bedroom apartments and one studio, she inclines towards buying more properties in Qatar soon due to the peerless market in the region. “I feel, the market is really good here, and it’s much better. The market doesn’t fluctuate a lot,” she said.

With well-maintained structures, Qatar has enhanced and opened its door for more tourists to make trade investments in the country. Kaniz said: “Because of FIFA, people have got to know about Qatar and I have been to other countries and comparatively Qatar’s hygiene and in-built properties are massively better.”

The top-notch facilities offered to all the investors in Qatar have so far been the vital trademark for Qatar’s real estate developers. She said “When people find it more comfortable here even if it’s expensive, I think they will get a property here. That might actually happen.”

“So some people will take the advantage of it and they are going to get it for cheap and they will make money out of it,” she added.


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