QLM launches family health insurance with four different levels of coverage

April 8, 2021

QLM Life and Health Insurance has launched a family insurance product with four different levels of coverage.
A large network of medical service providers in Qatar and around the world will be part of the product that can be used by families of citizens and residents who have a valid Qatari identity card.
Depending on the level of coverage, beneficiaries can undergo outpatient check-ups starting from nothing to up to 20 percent and comprehensive medical coverage of up to QR3 million per person per year.
The family insurance product will include medical diagnostics, medical dental services, pregnancy and childbirth services, optometry and physiotherapy services, analysis and surgery, laboratories services, skin treatments, coverage of chronic diseases and pre-insurance disease cases that are diagnosed according to the benefit schedule, coverage of non-chronic diseases, coverage of physical and complementary therapy, chiropractic treatment.
Spine, acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy and Ayurveda and many other benefits are also included in this product.
Recently, Qatar’s Shura Council discussed a draft law that seeks to make health insurance mandatory for residents and visitors. It goes one step ahead to ensure compliance by making health insurance a pre-requisite for applying or renewing resident permits as well as entry and visit visas.
QLM’s launch of the insurance product comes within the framework of a series of individual products targeting the individual services sector for citizens and residents of Qatar, who wish to obtain health insurance coverage for themselves and their family members.
The product will be available to all customers at the company’s branch and through its website www.qlm.com.qa.
It has many characteristics in which the customers’ needs have been taken into consideration in order to become more suitable for what they are looking for in terms of covering the health services expenses of medical service providers from the private medical sector such as hospitals, health centres, private clinics, dental centres and
“Recently, we witnessed an increasing demand for individual health insurance products and the desire of many different segments of society to obtain health care in the private medical sector in Qatar,” said Ahmed Mohamed Zbib, Executive Vice President of QLM Life and Health Insurance.
“That is why we have launched four family insurance programmes that include comprehensive coverage or participation of medical services, and the four coverage levels. “
Zbib indicated that the price of the product has been determined to be affordable to all segments of society for competitive goals that serve the interest of customers, and under this product, the benefits that customers will receive from service providers will vary according to the type of each service and the service provider.
The company uses its full experience in the local market to upgrade the sector and create opportunities for competition in providing services, which is in the interest of




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